Pallet Content Placards - General content description of books on the pallet. To be attached to all four sides of the pallets.  These are in Acrobat (pdf) formats. Click on document to download and print of 8.5 x 11 paper stock.  
Note:  If the pallet contains more that one type, then use the Placard that describes the majority of the books, or use "Mixed Books"
Why Pallet Placards & Carton Labels ?
  • Pallet Placards - The purpose of the Pallet Placard is so the the folks in the Texas BFTW warehouse, that are loading the containers, can locate and load the types of books requested by the BFTW Rotarian Distribution Centers.  They are picking these pallets from warehouse storage shelves, at times 24 or more feet high.  Hence the need for the large placards.
  • Carton Labels - The pallets are eventually shipped to a BFTW Rotarian Distribution Centers where the pallets are broken down.  Once this is done, unmarked cartons will loose their identity.  Hence the need for individual carton ID labels.