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What Kind of Books to Pack:
Primary Focus book types
  • Gently used or new, children’s books and K thru 6th Elementary School books.
  • Textbooks - K thru 12th grades.  Set of 10 or more of same title with associated teacher’s materials, when available. Emphasis on: reading, literature, math, science and world history. If a sets takes up more than one carton, then mark next to the content label, with heavy marker, “1 of (number of boxes)”; i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 3, etc.
  • Other types of books accepted - funds and space available
  • Library Books, All library books in good condition, except service manuals. Do not mix with pallets of K thru 12th grade text books.
  • College text books - can be included in pallet of library books
  • Encyclopedias – only full sets, less than 20 years old and acceptable for children’s use.
  • Magazines - National Geographic & Smithsonian only
  • Professional Books - Current medical, etc.  Law (current international law only).
  • DO NOT - pack repair manuals
When in doubt, call your regional coordinator or Pete Cardamone at 585-750-7211