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Club Project Expense (at cost) - per pallet load of 24 boxes - $310. This includes the following materials and the cost of shipping a fully loaded pallet to the point debarkation in Texas.  From there, they are shipped via container from points in southern Africa and other countries.  Costs or pickup and delivery to our warehouse and logistics of moving the pallet from CNY to Texas will be the Books for the World committee’s responsibility through separate donations made to the project.

  • 24 - Heavy duty Cartons:  (18”x12”x12” Heavy Duty)
  • 3 - Rolls of Clear Package Tape:  (2.5 mil x 2” wide x 55 yards) 
  • Shipping to Houston Texas for shipment on to countries in southern Africa and other regions in need.
One carton will hold around 40 - 80 pounds of books. It requires (24) cartons to make up a pallet.
What Kind of Books to Pack:
Primary Focus book types
  • Gently used or new, children’s books and K thru 6th Elementary School books.
  • Textbooks - K thru 12th grades.  Set of 10 or more of same title with associated teacher’s materials, when available. Emphasis on: reading, literature, math, science and world history. If a sets takes up more than one carton, then mark next to the content label, with heavy marker, “1 of (number of boxes)”; i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 3, etc.
Other types of books accepted - funds and space available
  • Library Books, All library books in good condition, except service manuals. Do not mix with pallets of K thru 12th grade text books.
  • College text books - can be included in pallet of library books
  • Encyclopedias – only full sets, less than 20 years old and acceptable for children’s use.
  • Magazines - National Geographic & Smithsonian only
  • Professional Books - Current medical, etc.  Law (current international law only).
  • DO NOT - pack repair manuals
  • When in doubt, call your regional coordinator or Pete Cardamone 585-750-7211
Packaging Instructions & Tips:
SORT books by Size. (large, medium & small)
PACK BY SIZE - Pack the largest first, then the medium, and fill-in with the small.  Laying the books flat, as standing on end can break the spins of the books.
FILL TO THE TOP - Be Sure the carton is filled to the top as empty space on top will cause the cartons to crush as other a stacked on top.
TAPE both Top and Bottom and length and across the width of the carton as shown.
CONTENTS  - CHECK THE BOOK TYPE  in the content boxes on the end and top of each carton, as shown in the picture.

TEXTBOOKS:  If there are multiple boxes of the same title for Text Books, then write the name of the title on the carton just below the contents label and mark the multiple boxes as: 1 of 3, 2 or 3, etc.   Indicate if the teacher’s manual is in a specific carton.



Carton Contents:  Upon completion, check the type of books in the Contents label on the box (top & side).
  • Children’s Books
  • Primary School - Text Books
  • Secondary School - Text Books
  • College - Text Books   
  • Fiction 
  • Non-Fiction
  • Reference Books
  • Professional (type, subject, etc.)
  • Other (indicate type, subject, etc.)
Pallet Loading : Load a standard 42 x 48 inch pallet with 24 cartons. (or 48 x 48 pallet may be used, do load it as follows);  8 cartons per layer, 3 layers with each layer alternated as pictured below and not to exceed 42” high, including the pallet. Load the pallet so that the maximum number of content labels show as shown in the picture. 
Placard the pallet on all four sides with General Pallet Content Description labels (these can be downloaded from the Tool Box web-page
Why Pallet Placards & Carton Labels & how they differ.
  • Pallet Placards - The purpose of the Pallet Placard is so the the folks it the Texas BFTW warehouse that are loading the containers, can locate and load the types of books requested by the BFTW Rotarian Distribution Centers.  They are picking these pallets from warehouse storage shelves, at times 24 or more feet high.  Hence the need for large pallet placards.
  • Carton Labels - The pallets are eventually shipped to a BFTW Rotarian Distribution Centers where the pallets are broken down.  Once this is done, unmarked cartons will loose their identity.  Hence the need for individual carton ID label.
Information Required for Pallet(s) pickup (supply to CNY BFTW Exec-Dir)
  • Number of pallets
  • Location:  Facility name and full address
  • Days of weeks & hours of operations
  • Loading area: dock or other?
  • Equipment:  Forklift or pallet jack available?
  • Contact:  On site contact name and a phone number that they can be reached.
  • Condition:  Are the wrapped with shrink-wrap of not
  • Other Information the driver may need.
Collection Boxes:  An excellent way to collect children’s books is to place collection books through our your community in locations such as churches, stores, community centers, schools, etc.  Your imagination is the limit.  The shipping boxes serve this purpose well.  Simply fold in three of the top flaps, position the remaining flap in the up position, and add the shipping labels, and the colorful project label on the 4th flap.  Two of the labels are supplied with each pallets kit.  They can also be attached to the display project flyer.  This flyer is typically placed on a wall above the box and can be download by clicking on the picture to the right.
          To download more display label and/or flyers, click on LABEL or FLYER  in files to the left