BOOKS FOR THE WORLD - A Historical Summary
BFTW - Books for the World (BFTW) concept was born at the International 2000 District Governors-Elect conference in Anaheim, Ca when two DGEs , Ted Pope form D9300, Johannesburg, South Africa and Charlie Clemmons from D5890, Houston, Tx. USA, hatched an idea to ship gently used books from Texas to Johannesburg for a "second wind".  Charlie asked Ted how many books he wanted, and Ted responded with "bury me", and the rest is history. See the Files to the left of this page to review a more complete history of BFTW (in both Power-Point & PDF formats)
CNY/WNY BFTW - was conceived in 2008 by PDG Ward Vuillemot during a visit to is RI Governor class-mate, Ted Pope, while on a Rotary Adult Literacy project trip in South Africa.  When Ward visited the Johannesburg BFTW distribution centre, saw it in operation and reviewed the differences it was making it "knocked his sock off".  Ward returned home to Central New York with an idea to create a Rotarian organization to glean, sort and ship gently used books to Charlie Clemmons' BFTW organization for distribution through the expanding BFTW (Send Wind foundation and he had created in 2000 to supply So. Africa. The team of Rotarians he organized in District 7150 eventually expanded into WNY BFTW (Rotary District 7120) and CNY BFTW (Districts 7150, 7170, 7190 & 7040).  They are still going strong  with over 60 Rotary clubs participating in CNY & WNY BFTW.  See the Links to the left of this page to view the various CNY BFTW Rotary club's participant of contribution approximately 30 sea-containers of books as of March 2021
Other USA Based Rotarian BFTW organizations - Among other Rotarian based book gleaning operations in the USA that are shipping books to BFTW for distribution to 3rd world countries Click here for fulll listing as well is the Madison Ws, Rotarians group.