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CNY Books for the World, Inc.  is a Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

September 2017
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Rotarian CNY Books for the World, Inc. is a all volunteer Rotarian managed, collaborative effort working with Central New York Rotary Clubs, and The Second Wind Foundation. Together, they provide K - 6th grade picture/story and K – 12th grade textbooks to needed regions of the world to create opportunities for a better way of life.  CNY BFTW also takes other Library & Professional books, if funding and space is available.
      CNY Books for the World, Inc. provides general book types and descriptions, packing specifications and delivery information to a central marshaling warehouse to the Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club purchases from CNY BFTW, at cost, all the required packaging materials, organizes and manages the project up the pick up of the books from their project location, and supports cost of transportation from their site to The Second Wind Foundation in LaPorte, Texas.
      At the CNY BFTW central warehouse, pallets of books are weighed, and stored until there is sufficient numbers for a shipment to Rotary Books for the World (The Second Wind Foundation) in LaPorte. The pallets of books from all USA Rotarian collection centers are co-mingled, containerized and sent to third world Rotarian managed distribution centers.
* Textbooks - are to be groupings of 10 or more (same title) with instructor’s material, if available. 
 Where are these books currently hiding?  Closets, book shelves, storage areas of homes, libraries, schools and churches,  all looking for a home and children to read, learn from, love and cherish them.  By combining our resources, we have given these books a fresh start, and are making a significant difference in the lives of the children of the world.
  Additional ways to support this project:  If you are unable to support the project with books, but want to aid in support, we need funds to move books from Central New York to Houston TX. These funds will also go to help purchase sea containers, which may be converted to classrooms or libraries in Africa, once they are unloaded of their book contents.  Send checks payable to “CNY Books for the World, Inc.” to:  Ward Vuillemot, 8 Teasel Lane, Skaneateles NY 13152.
    CNY Rotary BFTW books depart from Seabrook Texas via sea container, combined with other Rotarian BFTW books, to the following destinations. The Texas end of the process is coordinated and managed by The Second Wind Foundation, a 501-c-3 organization set up and managed by Rotarians. The receiving destinations are managed by Rotary district and clubs.
Rotary District 7150 Lifetime Achievement Award.
Ward Vuillemot receiving District 7150 Lifetime Achievement Award from District Governor Peter Cardamone and RI President' s Rep Matthew Kane, Raleigh, NC April 22, 2017, Saratoga Springs, NY for his service in creating, Rotarian CNY Books for the World.
Ward Vuillemot, founder of Rotarian CNY Books for the World almost 9 years ago,  has stepped down as President of CNY BFTW Inc. and will continue on in a supporting role for the next year as Exec-Director.
     The incoming president, Hal Brown, has been with the project almost since its inception as a key member of the management team, and will be a very knowledgeable and capable leader of the organization. The rest of the folks (all Rotarians) have been a part of the CNY BFTW group as leaders for some time and will continue to give their support to the BFTW efforts.
     Ward presented Hal with an English Gavel that he crafted for the  occasion, which has a Rotarian Booklegger logo set in the gavel & block, as a token of the" Changing of the Guard". 
The new slate of officers and board members are:
President - Hal Brown 
VP President - Paul Barrus  
Secretary - Edward Kokkelenberg 
Treasurer - Sue Reisman 
Exec-Director - Ward Vuillemot 
Director - Janet Steiner 
Director - Roger Skinner
BFTW Project - Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Auburn Rotarian Paul Barrus reviewed the CNY Books For the World, Inc. operation in District 7150 to more than 40 Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees (RYLA) at the July 10, 2016 session held at Cazenovia College.
     This not for profit organization is administered by Rotarians in a worldwide chain of supplying surplus books from the US to targeted countries, primarily Africa with operations developing in Asia and South and Central America in association with Rotarian BFTW in Houston, Texas.
Ithaca NY Rotarians Continue their Commitment to CNY BFTW ... by Janet Steiner
Twelve Rotarians from the Ithaca Rotary Club recently collected 96 cartons of books in its latest Books for the World event.4856 children's books, reference books and general interest books were purchased from the Friends of the Library Spring booksale. 
     In addition, the Cornell fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi, Iota Chapter brothers shifted and lifted the cartons  which equal 4 pallets of books. 4Seasons Landscaping continued to donate their time and truck to get our cartons to Agway. And thanks to Andy Boerman, Agway Manager, who manages to work around our pallets while they are waiting for pick up.
     The Ithaca Rotary Club began its participation in the Books for the World project in the Fall of 2010 and has collected and shipped over 82,000 books to countries where Rotarians unpack and distribute these books to teachers, schools, and librarians in 15 English speaking countries.
CNY Books for the World Celebrates Eight Years of Service
to the Children of the World

CNY BFTW Books, in Agbor, Nigeria ... and a letter of thanks
Check out the origin of this shipment (CNY BFTW) and labels of two of the cartons show Adirondack FH RC, and Herkimer RC. ....  Ward T. Vuillemot

Good morning. .... I write to thank you, all Districts, Rotarians and other individuals involved in this laudable programme of World Books [Books for the World] and Educational Materials for the benefit of mankind. 
    I am pleased to announce that we took delivery of the container yesterday and was opened. We are very grateful for keeping your words and promise of being a Gift to the world. 
     We didn't have crane neither fork lift. We resorted to manual approach to off load the books and brought down the container . This took us to almost midnight. All Rotarians of my Club were all there and involved completely. 
    We plan to give it real publicity at all levels. All Clubs of the District will be involved in distribution to the needy rural schools. We sincerely appreciate those ones meant for primary and secondary schools. They will really touch the lives of school children in rural areas. 
    We are grateful. Grateful for your kindness, time and commitment to serve humanity. 
God bless you immensely. This is real gift to the world. 

Adeyemi Oladokun ( PAG ), RC, Agbor, D 914O, Nigeria.

A Holiday Gift for the Children of the World
Dec 3rd, 2015 - Jordan-Elbridge School books. The happy band CNY Books for the World bootleggers returned to J-E High School to complete the book gleaning started last week with an end result of 106 cartons (4+ pallets) of excellent school books. This completes our 26 pallets required that make up a semi-truck load for our next shipment to Houston Texas; the books first leg of their journey to the children of the world. Many thanks to JE schools, and the crew of dedicated Rotarians from the Skaneateles and Auburn Rotary clubs for "making this happen". District Governor "Mac" (of District 7150) joined us along with his very welcomed truck